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Prestigio MultiCase Integrated Amplifier

Prestigio MultiCase Integrated Amplifier

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Grandinote Prestigio is a MultiCase Integrated Amplifier.
The two mono-amps share volume, input, and balance informations trough the Grandinote network "AMSYNET" (AMplifiers SYstem NETwork).
Grandinote Prestigio, based on Magnetosolid® technology, produces a tight and dynamic solid-state sound, conserving the sweet and natural sound peculiar of tube amplifiers.

- Monofonic integrated amplifier
- Nominal power 60W
- Damping factor >150
- Frequency response 2Hz - 240 kHz
- Three unbalanced inputs RCA
- Three balanced inputs XLR (full-balanced)
- Balanced inputs XLR unbalanced convertibles
- Class "A"
- No feedback
- Direct coupling stages: no capacitor used
- Absorption 220W (each channel)
- Weight 30kg (each channel)
- W=318 x H=196 x L=473 [mm] (each channel)
- Communication network AMSYNET
- Grandinote's warranty of 5 years

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