Proemio Preamplifier Reviews

Proemio Preamplifier Reviews

Stereo Times Grandinote Proemio Review

"The only thing that kept coming back
to me was the word SCARY" ...
... "The sound is so wide-open and natural
that it really is perhaps the best
sounding system that I have had"

STEREO TIMES - Clement Perry - 07/2017

HiFiPIG Grandinote Proemio Review

"This is definitely
one of the best sounds
I’ve heard
in the reference system..."

HIFI PIG - Stuart Smith - 06/2016

Audio Grandinote Proemio Review

"Proemio had the power of precise images,
It was brighter, more transparent
with all the advantages
of good tube circuits, no hardness
velvety silver."

AUDIO - Andreas Günther - 03/2016

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